The goal of this document is to set out the vision SCORE so that it is understandable for those inside and outside of the project. This document should answer the question whether something is within the scope of SCORE or not.

SCORE is a partnership of governments, universities and other organisations that collaboratively discover, develop and test Open solutions for the challenges of cities. The SCORE partners leverage Open Collaboration methodologies – Open Source, Open Data, Open Standards and an open attitude – to learn together, communicate effectively, share challenges and collaborate on solutions with the goal of improving public service delivery in our cities.

By working in an Open Collaboration we create a partnership of cities that are used to sharing and identifying common challenges as well as re-using each others solutions, improving them collaboratively and sharing their own. We learn how to solve our own challenges whilst both learning from and teaching to the others. We solve the challenges of our cities together.

We build Open Source solutions that are made to be re-used by others. These solutions are build using Open Standards and with Open Data in mind. Together we’ve developed and maintain guidelines for the quality of code that guarantee others can use and re-use our solutions.

We communicate in the open so that everyone can see it, follow what is being said and join every conversation. By doing this we maximise the opportunities for everyone inside — and outside of — the partnership to contribute to the conversations, challenges we are exporing and solutions we’re developing.

Through these means the SCORE partners – and all cities that join us – can achieve more together than any of us could by ourselves. We reduce the risks we have to take as individual organisations, we become more economically sustainable, we become more ethical in our digital sourcing and are able to deliver better public services.