Community: Events and Conferences category

Events that go well with SCORE, and events you and your teammates are going to.

Make topics in this category and add start and end dates in order to have them show up in the calendar. Discuss in the topics how to get together one there.

Every new topic is ‘Wiki’ by default, meaning everyone can edit the original message, so keep that updated with the general information about the event and have the discussion underneath!

Posting an event

Just go to the category ‘Events and conferences’ and make a New Topic. Once in there, use the ‘Add date and time’ button to add the date and time.


Make sure to select ‘Include end date’ for multiple date events, also using ‘all day event’ if probably recommended for that as well.

Viewing a calendar

The default view of the category is an Agenda, an ordered list of the events. If you like a more traditional calendar view more, select the ‘Calendar’ tab from the top menu, it will give you a grid like you are used to.


Adding events to your own calendar

To add an event to your own calendar you can use the ‘Add to calendar’ button in the topic. This supports Google Calendar and downloading an ICS file.


Happy meeting! And as always, let us know your feedback on this community site :slight_smile:

If you have any more questions, please ask us in the ‘Community and partners site’ category!