Testing: Living Lab implementation

Living Lab partners – at least 2 – will test and implement a solution in their Living Lab.

  • Implement solutions in Living Lab cities (D5.3) based on the documentation developed in (D5.1 and D5.5), supported by the solution working groups (D2.8)
  • Measure the effectivity of the implementations (D5.2).
  • Receive support from the solution working groups teams who take this opportunity to improve the Integration and demonstration plan (D5.1), increasing the reusability of the solution.
  • Feedback problems and bugs to the solution working groups teams so they can improve the solution (D4.8 and D5.4).

IoT Registry solution example story:

Ghent has its own developers and OpenStack and Kubernetes infrastructure to deploy the IoT registry on, this means that Ghent can get underway quickly and start using the platform within a week. Göteborg on the other hand has to work with an external freelance developer that needs to deploy the platform on a cloud service. While Ghent is able to give feedback on the actual platform quickly, the process Göteborg goes through give valuable feedback on the installation process. In these processes many bugs are uncovered, for instance the platform not performing well on mobile android phones or the sign-up form allowing signup without a certain required field empty. These are reported back to the Amsterdam and Aarhus who keep sprinting in order to fix bugs, optimise performance and provide the stability the platform needs.