Preparation: development set up

Based on the solution definition, solution working groups prepare development and free up development resources to staff the development teams with the product owners and developers (D4.5).

  • Team planning: Set up team planning, decide on a shared sprint length.
  • Development environment: Set up solution development environment and collaboration tools.
  • Metrics: Integrate the metrics monitoring system that measures implementation results (D5.2).
  • Prioritise backlog with the product owners make sure it is actionable. This happens with input from the problem owners (D2.9).
  • Review: Bradford will coordinate how regular peer-to-peer code reviews take place (D4.4)

IoT Registry solution example story:

Amsterdam and Aarhus both provide a team of 1 product owner and 2 front-end developers and 1 back end developer for the entire solution. The product owner and a developer set up the solution infrastructure (GitHub, Licence and Contributing guidelines, Issue and PR templates), build systems (a Jenkins server) and set up a shared tools for Continuous Integration testing (Coveralls, Greenkeeper)