The SCORE process for collaborative transnational development

This guide provides a step by step overview of the collaborative development process in SCORE. Each step includes examples of a hypothetical use case.

NOTE: This process was developed as a draft hypothesis. It was not fully implemented and is currently not being used.

About this process

The process starts from the structure provided in SCORE’s application form, but offers a more detailed and practical workflow following an Agile software development methodology.

This Agile methodology enables rapid development of high quality software through valuing experimentation over speculation, testing with real users, development in short iterations and focussing on outcomes early on in the process. It also integrates and SCORE’s principles of open collaboration, open standards and open data, open and reusable code.

SCORE Process

Phase Planning
Discovery: identify shared challenges Ongoing
Research: challenge working groups Month 0 to 3
Definition: discover solutions Months 3 to 5
Preparation: development set up Months 5 to 6
Development: iterative sprints Months 6 to 9
Testing: Living Lab implementation Months 9 to 12
Scaling: reuse and dissemination Months 12 to 24
Ongoing maintainance Ongoing